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Online Scheduling software

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Online Calendar Service.

The easy way for any organization to have a Internet-calendar within minutes! You simply place the OrgCalendar onto a your web site - and that's it. Calendar management is implemented at two levels: Admin Area and Public Area. The Administrator can manage all calendars. OrgCalendar is a simple to setup solution for visitor/user authentication allowing you to secure your current webpages simply and effectivly. If you enable users to signup, authenticated users can gain access to your calendar (Admin Area). Admin Area include signup, login, forgotten password, & edit profile. The OrgCalendar gives you a customizable Resource Navigator, new Date Navigator, control over the events overlapping and a mechanism for sharing events between an arbitrary number of different resources. Instead of standard images used for resources, it’s also possible to embed custom icons. You’re able to bind any picture to a resource, so that it will be shown in its header. You may obtain a collection of days which are considered holidays for the specific country, and add these holidays to the scheduler.